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\n\tBest place to order adderall online " and even an "extremely dangerous" high-potent, non-desensitizing synthetic drug that can make you "very stoned."\n\nThe Drug Enforcement Administration declined to comment for this story.\n\nThe popularity of high-potency, stimulant type amphetamine is nothing new. In the 1940s, government sold "Orange Sunshine," a powdered form of Adderall that contained 60 percent pure amphetamine. In the mid 1950s, police Massachusetts were using an anti-depressant pill called Trazadone as a substitute for prescription drugs like Prozac.\n\nThe same thing has been happening with methamphetamine, a stimulant-based drug. After federal drug czar Gil Kerlikowske called the stimulant "the cheapest, best-rated drug in America," meth dealers started selling it all over again and by the '80s, DEA had stepped in to control the market.\n\nNow, just over a year after the Justice Department announced sweeping powers to seize and shut down pharmacies shuttered several high-end medical marijuana dispensaries in California, professionals and community activists are being charged for prescribing medications derived from cannabis and in marijuana oils for non-intoxication reasons.\n\nThe law is unclear about who, exactly, breaking the law, and DEA has not produced any solid evidence that their crackdown is driving down abuse of prescribed medication. In fact, according to drug policy researcher and former DEA agent John Walters, the crackdown has led to a rise in the quantity of prescriptions.\n\n"That shows that they've increased the supply of some those medications. Not all of them, but they're still increasing the supply of some these drugs," said Walter. "You take the pills, how can a person who's taking pharmaceutical medication ever just get through the day without needing another pill?"\n\nWalters' data shows that doctors are adding more oxycodone to their patients' prescriptions order adderall ir online<\/b> than any other type of medication, and more than half of all antibiotics sold in pharmacies these days are controlled substances based on the synthetic drug Suboxone. "If somebody's going in every day without having a doctor's care, that needs to be taken into consideration, but you can't stop that," said Walters. "If somebody is in pain, they need to know how manage their pain."\n\nLaw enforcement experts agree with Walter. "Some of this drug is an absolute epidemic, and it's a serious problem," said John Wachter-Boettcher - an Associate Special Agent in Charge of the DEA's Houston field division and deputy director of its Office Diversion Control.\n\nWhen doctors prescribe medication containing controlled substances, that is an invitation for DEA agents. "Once a pill gets to the drug dealer, pills can end up in another state or be trafficked to another country, and it is that foreign source of drugs is the threat that we're dealing with," Wachter-Boettcher explained.\n\nBut is this increase in drug cartels just a result of the drug war or an indication of the fact that supply medication-derived drugs is becoming more accessible and cheaper?\n\nWhile many of the prescriptions written just recently for patients taking prescribed medications from doctors across the country show an increase in methamphetamine and synthetic opiates, meth other opioids have long been considered extremely addictive. So is it an increase in abuse or a change consumer preferences?\n\n"Every time you're adding a controlled substance or medical condition to that, you're doing some brain damage to the brain," said former DEA agent William Salvin. "When you're putting something that's naturally addictive under the label of a controlled substance, as opposed to a medical condition, then you're going to cause more problems."\n\nWhile Salvin insists that "more people are abusing the pill" rather than marijuana, he admits that methamphetamine is a much harder pill to treat. Methamphetamine can be addictive but often administered more Adderal 30 \t$125.00 \t$4.17 \t$112.50 slowly and carefully than a person with Parkinson's or HIV would be. "Most people just stop cold turkey, and then they've got some problems," Wachter-Boettcher asserted.\n\nBut there's no evidence to suggest that the drug cartels are making large amounts of meth from prescription medications. Some reports have even made waves alleging that drug cartels generic pharmacy rts coupon are "cooking" marijuana for high purity and selling it. But it's easy for anyone to become ill from a drug overdose, and most overdoses occur from taking marijuana, not prescribed medications. Even cocaine overdose victims who use prescribed drugs like Xanax often have negative side effects from drugs like Adderall.\n\nThe government's own data, analyzed by experts from the University of Southern California's Drexel Center for Research in Black Culture, finds that the percentage of children in Los Angeles with access to prescription drugs doubled since the early 80s.\n\n"Is that an indication children get addicted to these medications and that the drugs themselves become more potent"\n\t\t
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